Fun in the #eastvillage #nyc. #manhattan  (at East Village)

Fun in the #eastvillage #nyc. #manhattan (at East Village)

Brunching. #manhattan #nyc  (at Sagaponack Restaurant)

Brunching. #manhattan #nyc (at Sagaponack Restaurant)

IMG_0462 on Flickr.Rockefeller Center last Sunday.

IMG_0462 on Flickr.

Rockefeller Center last Sunday.

I loved seeing this Michael Jackson impersonator on the train!

IMG_2815 on Flickr.

IMG_2815 on Flickr.

A nice Christmas present for this couple skating at NYC’s Bryant Park

Yesterday I saw this street performer in Union Square.  What a great advertisement!

Lenny: Tribeca Manhattan by Chris Arnade on Flickr.
East Village, old & new by zlandr on Flickr.